Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Garage Framing - Day 6

A couple things were done on the garage today -- K was at a job for part of the day and I was at a meeting, so K's brother kept on with the process.  He added braces to the bottoms of the trusses and kept going with the sheeting on the walls.

Bracing on the trusses

Sheeting on most of the walls

I think they have another job to get to tomorrow, so it may be a couple days before they're back on the garage.  But I think there are just a few things they need to do before we'll get the inspection on the framing.  Yay, progress!!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Garage Framing - Day 4 & 5 - Sheeting and Trusses

The garage is coming along!  It's really exciting to see it taking shape.

On Monday, K and I worked on the garage, and we put up the sheeting on one side of the garage.  I helped her put it in place and then nail it to the studs.  We quit when it started raining, so I didn't get any photos-- the rain continued through the night!

Tuesday was a big day.  The trusses were delivered.  I was about to head out the door, when I heard the "BEEP BEEP"-ing outside and realized I couldn't get out of our alley with my car, because the trusses were being delivered at that moment.

The transformer truck backing in with the trusses

When I got back in the early afternoon, K and her brother had the first couple trusses in place and wanted me to help.  So I did-- I walked along the walls, on top of the sheeting that I had helped install and helped place the trusses where they needed to go.  It was a bit nerve-wracking at first, that's for sure...  But I got used to the height and moving around.  The slight problem for all of us was that it was very hot and humid, and you tend to get a little dizzy when you're overheated.  No one fell, though, so we're all good!  And we were able to finish before it started raining.  Again.  (My garden is LOVING this rain every day!)

K inside the web of bracing

Bracing boards

My monkey on the trusses!

The view from above

Monkey on the wall!

Swinging her hammer, doing her thing...!

Nearing the end!

Finished for the day

We were a sweaty, sun-burned bunch when we were done...  But we got so much done that it was definitely worth it!  I think my muscles will be sore in the morning, too....  

Friday, June 13, 2014

Garage Framing - Day 2 & 3

Progress has continued for the past two days on the construction of the garage.  Actually, it's still going on outside right at this very moment.  Ahh, the sound of nail guns... 

It's really starting to look like a building!  When I got home from class today, all the walls were up, and then K and her brother put in the header above the garage door.

Lifting up the header

Header is completely level!

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Garage Framing - Day 1

K finally got to spend her first day working on the garage!  The building materials were delivered on Monday, and she got a full day in on the framing today, along with her brother.

It was amazing to come home from class and see this!

And by the time they cleaned up for the evening, they had three sections of wall installed.  It's really tall!  The walls are 10 feet high, and the windows are set right near the top, so they'll let in a lot of light. 

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Second House Anniversary

It's a gorgeous day in Minneapolis and we bought our house 2 years ago today! 
And unlike last year, I didn't procrastinate on getting an anniversary photo, so we actually have one this year...


And again, back to the morning we bought the house...


Lots of things left to do, of course...  But we have done quite a bit already!
Things we've done in the last couple years:
  • Removed the front awnings
  • Added edging around our sidewalk and along the front of the yard
  • Removed the 4 giant bushes from the front and side yards
  • Added flower beds on either side of the front window -- and I just put some rose bushes in there this week!  Finally!
  • Took down 2 sick elm trees and trimmed up all the other trees
  • Poured the concrete slab for the garage
  • Added a patio door to the back of the house
  • Replaced the front porch light
  • Built my little garden plot in the backyard
  • Fixed the drywall, painted and added flooring to the basement office
  • Painted and added flooring in the main basement room
  • Cleaned out, painted and added shelving to the storage room in the basement
  • Replaced the washer & dryer and painted the laundry room
  • Painted the ceiling in my office and added my "closet" hanging bar
  • Scraped the popcorn from the living room ceiling
  • Installed the refinished vintage chandelier to our bedroom

Exciting plans in the works for this month, too--  K has ordered her garage supplies and will be starting the garage in the next couple weeks.  When we realized yesterday that it's now been two years since we got the house, she said, "I can't believe I've been living without a garage for two years!"  And that's true!  Because she did have garages at our last couple rentals, but not at the home that we've actually owned.  Like I've said before, it will be a HUGE help to have the garage built and functional. 

My little garden is coming along nicely.  Started everything from seeds this year, so all the plants are a little small right now, but they look great...

Yummy lettuce and spinach

I also got an amazing present a few days ago from my bestie-- she made me an herb pot with all sorts of yummy things in it!  Basil, mint, lime thyme, parsley, oregano and sage...  YUM!  I have a couple of these growing in my garden, too, but the ones in the pot are fully grown and ready to be eaten...

Beautiful herb pot gift!

She also gave me a couple big clumps of chives from her garden.  She's had them growing in her garden for a few years and they've spread out a lot, so she had plenty to spare.  They smell amazing and they're so gorgeous!  I planted them in a big galvanized utility sink that I already had. I've had it for so long that I really don't remember where I got it!

Pretty chives...