History of Our House

Researching the history of our house and our property has been an on-going process for me.  My biggest goal is to find photographs of our house, showing what it looked like in the past, when other people and families lived in it.
So far, using various online resources and the fabulous Minneapolis Public Library, I have found a lot of facts about the people who lived here before us.  I hope to learn more about their details and their lives, and what this house was to them.

Here is what I've learned so far:

The railroad tracks that will eventually run behind the house are beginning to be built in Minneapolis.

Lucy Doyle and Edward J Doyle live on the property.  Of course, there must have been another house on this property, but I have yet to find a photo of it.  It's not a very common thing for photos of mundane houses to make their way into archives.  These are usually family photos, and usually stay with the family.
1902 City Directory - Edward J Doyle, laborer
1904 City Directory - Edward J Doyle, teamster
1905 City Directory - Edward J Doyle, driver
1906 City Directory - Edward J Doyle, driver
1908 City Directory - Edward J Doyle, barnman

Lucy died in the house that was here.

Lucy Doyle's death certificate - July 24, 1910

The first permit card for our property, dating from 1901

1903, July 21
Hanson & Franklin Baldwin, address listed as 1313 Broadway NE, in The Minneapolis Journal article regarding strike of glass workers. This may be a mistake?

Electrical work was done in 1916.
1930 City Directory - listed as vacant.

Vincent and Sophia Franzig are living at this address in 1931, with their children Sophie and Vincent, Jr.

1931 City Directory - Franzig family

The Nankin Cafe in downtown Minneapolis, where daughter Sophie works

1933 City Directory - Mrs Sophie Franzig
1935 - Daughter Sophie Franzig

By late 1936, Sophia and Vincent Franzig have divorced.  Sophia purchases the house at 1313 Broadway St NE, per the title records, on Dec 31, 1936.  (She is not a widow, because Vincent lives until 1966.)

1937 City Directory - Mrs Sophie Franzig
1937 City Directory - Mrs Sophie Franzig, sorter Pioneer Paper Stock Company

In September 1937, Sophia marries Charles Olek.  Looks like it takes a couple years for the City Directory to catch up to her name change.

1938 City Directory - Sophie Franzig, sorter Pioneer Paper Stock Company

1939 City Directory - Charles F Aleck (misspelling) (Sophie), laborer, Pillsbury Flour Mills Company

1939 City Directory - Charles F Aleck (misspelling) - I love the picture in the ad!
1939 City Directory - Sophia P Aleck (misspelling), helper

1940 Census
1940 City Directory - Charles F Olek

1941 - Permit for Charles Olek to add an addition to the house.

1942 City Directory - Mrs Sophie Olek
Angelo & Conjate Cremisino and their family own the house.  This is an interesting one, because the Cremisinos also owned a home and a store/restaurant just down the street a block or two.  I have the tract showing that they did buy these property lots in 1943 and sold them in 1945, but I haven't found a lot of other evidence to show they lived here.  The 1944 City Directory lists them at their restaurant address and lists a Raymond C Lindberg at this house.  And the 1943 and 1945 City Directories were missing from the records at the library.

I believe this was the Cremisinos' store & restaurant

House on the side of the store, where the Cremisinos lived.

Clipping from the Margaret Barry House w/ Laura Cremisino
Clipping from the Margaret Barry House w/ Laura Cremisino

1944 City Directory - Raymond C Lindberg

1944 City Directory - Raymond C (Mildred E) Lindberg, car cleaner
Charles A Pettis and his wife.
1946 plumbing permit

John F Sandstrom owned the property for less than 1 year.  Possibly a mistake in record.

Kenneth A Chase purchased the property and lived here with his wife.
1946 permit for re-siding

Hope A Quinn bought the property from the Chases.  As far as I can tell, Hope was the widow of a Michael Quinn, who must've died before she bought the property.  In 1952, she was living on Morgan Ave in North Minneapolis.  As of 2011, there does not appear to be a house on this property-- it now contains the community garden.

1950 City Directory - Mrs Hope A Quinn
1950 City Directory - Hope A (widow Michael) Quinn, marker Nevens Company
I think this is the place of Hope Quinn's next residence, when there was a house there.  (Picture from Google maps)

In August of 1951, Frank J Flanigan begins construction on the house that now belongs to us.  Our purchase records all said the house was built in 1952, which makes sense since it was probably finished in 1952.

1953 City Directory - Frank J & Rose M Flanigan

1954 - Tract lists Frank J Flanigan and Rose M Flanigan as purchasing the property from Twin City Federal Savings & Loan.  They live there with their daughter, Sharon Flanigan.

1959 - Daughter Sharon Flanigan at Edison High School

1970 City Directory - Frank J Flanigan

Harold L Fletcher purchases the house from the Flanigans.  I don't know anything else about Harold, yet.  Just that he lived here, and was married by the time he sold it.

Paul W Irwin purchases the house from the Fletchers.  He lives here with his wife, Dian(e) E McKay-Irwin, her children, and his son.

1999 - 2012
June 29, 1999 - Jack C Templeton purchases the house from the Irwins.

March 21, 2000 - Jack Templeton purchase parts of two additional lots from Burlington Northern Railroad.  It turns out that the house was on the property he owned, but the large triangle of yard actually belonged to the railroad.  And when the Irwins lived there, they had landscaped pretty much that entire area.  (This is where K and I are putting our garage, so thank you, Jack!)

March 2000 - 2001 - Rental licenses exist for the property.  There are various citations on the property at that time for garbage, yardwork, and noise.  And from what we hear from the neighbors, there should've been more citations.

2012 - 2013 - I buy the house from Jack Templeton's estate.  His family all lives in Mississippi, so it's a little tricky.  K and I immediately start on improvements.
The house is homesteaded again in 2013.

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