Hello!  We are Tracy & Kristy, and we are working on renovating our 1952 home in Minneapolis.  We purchased the house in June 2012.  It was a rental for 10 or 12 years before that, and was not well taken care of.  K is a general contractor and we knew that everything that needed to be fixed on the house were all things that she can do.  Structurally, the house is great.  There are no serious moisture problems, and nothing serious with the plumbing or electrical.

Basically, the house needed a lot of cosmetic help.  It worked in our favor during the purchase, however, because I'm sure it scared away other potential buyers who couldn't see beyond the dirt and weird paint.

Our plan is to go mostly period with the renovations, with a few exceptions.
          1)  We're not going to put things in the house that are "authentic," if they're not also to our taste.  We're not as interested in making a "time capsule" house, than a house that functions for us and inspires us.
          2)  Many of our materials will be re-used or re-purposed items.  With K being a contractor, there are many times that perfectly good materials are taken out of houses, in order to build an addition or change out windows, etc.  These items are headed for the dumpster, unless the homeowner gives the ok for them to be re-used.  K has had many opportunities to bring a no-longer-needed item home, but until we had a house, there was really no reason to do so.  It saves us money, and it keeps things out of the landfill.  Win-win!
          3)  We prefer to use eco-friendly materials whenever we can.
          4)  We will do the best we can within our budget. This will stretch out the project timelines but we'd prefer to complete this renovation with as minimal debt as possible.

We're excited for the process and I promise to take lots of before and after pictures!

Thanks for reading!
T & K

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