Saturday, December 14, 2013

New Laundry Room Appliances

In August, our washing machine was pretty much breaking.  It had leaked from somewhere inside ever since we bought the house, but worked okay otherwise.  It began to leak worse in August, and although K tried to fix it, she thought it just wasn't going to be worth the trouble.  We picked out a Samsung and ordered it from Best Buy.

We maybe should've gotten a new dryer at the same time, but we decided to avoid the expense, for the moment.  Which turned out fine, since we got another 4 months of use out of the dryer.
But then it, too, died a few days ago.  Not slow like the washer, just wouldn't heat and tumble one day.

With the dryer on the way, we thought we'd do some cleaning up in the laundry room.  We cleaned the floor underneath and the walls behind the dryer and utility sink, and painted this area with waterproof paint.

K also picked up a new utility sink, since the one that came with the house was so gross.

Laundry area, pre-cleaning

Hello pink paint!

That same bright pink/coral paint!

It sure looks better down there!  We hadn't painted before we had the new washer hooked up, so sometime we'll have to move that again and paint, but that will probably be when we get around to working on the rest of the room.

It feels much cleaner and brighter in this little area now!


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