Monday, January 12, 2015

Floor Prep and Room Progress

More progress on the rooms!  The ceiling in the nursery is now all scraped.  K was surprised at how nice it all came off-- much better than in the living room.  She thinks it will be really easy to mud and get cleaned up.

The hallway ceiling is also scraped.  This is the hallway that connects all the rooms on the first floor.  Just a small little space, but the ceiling looks a lot better already.

The trim around the living room windows has been pulled.  We'll just paint the inner wood parts, until we replace the windows.

Our floors are also accessible now, with the trim pulled in all the rooms.  We have some floor guys coming to refinish them in just a little over a week.  Can't wait!  K could do them herself, but she thinks it's just easier to have them do it, since it's such a messy process.  I'm excited to pick out the stain color.

These beautiful floors need some LOVE!

There are lots of little burns on the floors in all the rooms...   :-(

In our bedroom, the trim was painted with a black glossy enamel paint.  But not painted well-- just slapped on with one pass, with the brushstrokes showing on each piece.  And they got the black paint on the floor quite a bit when they did it.  Dummies.

Black paint from the trim

But it's all going to be good.  I'm so excited to see them all sanded, stained, and glowing.

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