Saturday, August 3, 2013

Completed Garden Plot

I realized I forgot to post a picture of our completed garden plot!  We got it finished within a week, and I got my few little plants in there a couple days later -- basil plant from Trader Joe's, basil I grew from seed, a few radishes from seed, a couple green bean plants from seed, and a cucumber plant from seed that died off right away.

I plan to throw some catnip and dill seeds in there and see if I can get anything before the end of summer.  I realize I got a late start on some of this--  I'll be lucky if I even get any green beans!  But I don't really care.  It's just fun growing this stuff, and the herbs can be used right away.  For next year, I can make a better plan and take advantage of all the space.

At least it's done!  It gets great sunlight now that the tree is trimmed, and I've been making sure to keep up on watering.

It should last us at least a couple years, and by then we will have a better idea of how we want things in the back yard, so we can either move it or keep it here.

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