Thursday, August 1, 2013

Stairs For The Patio Door

Ever since K put the patio door in last fall, we've had only a simple wooden step outside of the door.  It was just one step, so it was kind of a big jump.  And by this summer, we'd used it enough that it was becoming a bit rickety -- it wasn't really anchored in well.

The siding around the door wasn't finished, either, which didn't bother us much.  It was kinda ugly, but we figured we'd re-do the siding some day and it would get finished then.  But... our new insurance agency didn't like the un-finished-ness of the patio door area, and said we had to fix it because it wasn't "fire safe."  Hmm.  OK...  K knows the codes and didn't see a problem with the way it was.  But since we like our new policy, she said she could just fix it.  I offered to take a bunch of pictures so that our agent wouldn't have to run out to our house.

But, wow,  I'm glad she fixed it!!  I love our new step, and the house looks neater with just that simple white trim.



K anchored the steps into the asphalt and to the house, so they're really sturdy.

And the treads are made of Brazilian ipe, so they're really beautiful.  

Boy kitty enjoying the view...

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