Monday, January 13, 2014

Big, Big Weekend!!

A couple big things happened this weekend...

#1 - K got the ceiling above my stairs painted, with the scaffolding on a ladder, high above the stairs.  So that means...  my office ceiling is officially done!!  Photos to follow, but I need to clean up the room first. 

#2 - K and I got ENGAGED!!!  We've been together for more than 6 years and have been discussing marriage for a while, but even more so once it became legal for us to marry in Minnesota!  K wanted to do formal proposal, and boy, did she...  Huge deal, public, friends and family involved, lots of secret planning, the whole deal.  I was surprised and thrilled!

As excited as we are to legally tie the knot, we would really like to have our celebration in Wisconsin with our families.  We have big families, and we are so incredibly blessed, because we have the support of almost every person in our families.  And a party of that size is going to take some planning, so we will need some more time.  And anyway, everyone is telling us to just enjoy being engaged for a while.  So that's what I'm hoping to do!

Here's my ring!  Vintage, 1920s...

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