Wednesday, April 23, 2014

So Ready For Spring!

We have such big things coming along right now, and I'm so excited for things to keep moving!
K started her own general contracting business in March.  It's been a lot of work, quite rushed, and so much studying and researching on K's part.  The month just flew by with everything that was going on.

K's new business!!  Yay!!

We have a home loan in progress to help us get the garage done as soon as possible.  Obviously, K is really going to need it once her business is really going, just to keep organized and work on projects.  We had an appraisal for the loan, and it came back better than we expected.  During our buying process, we had one terrible appraisal and one perfect one.  The first one came in at $58,000, which is INSANE!  The appraiser obviously couldn't see beyond the paint and murals on the walls, and wrote the report like the house should be a tear-down.  We had to switch lenders and get a new appraisal to actually get the house.

The appraiser this time clearly sees that this house is stable and has potential to be a very nice place.  It seems to us that we have a long way to go, but if we take a look back and take inventory of what we've done to the house so far, it's a pretty good list.  Lots to go, sure.  Lots done... absolutely.

Coming up...

1)  The curb.  We've asked the county to replace the curb in front of our house because it doesn't exist.  Along pretty much the whole front of the block, the ground just slopes down into the street.  It looks gross and the soil is just crumbling away.  There is nothing there to keep litter from blowing up into our yard, and there's not point in planting anything there while the soil is falling into the street.

How our "curb" looks now.

2)  The garage.  You better believe that pics will happen of this process.  Can't wait!

3)  Garden and stuff.  I won't be starting my garden SO late this year!  Since the bed is already built, I should be able to get my seedlings into the ground pretty soon.  I also have some plans for other flowers in the front, to dress the place up until we can do serious things like siding.  The nice thing about our front yard this year is that our lawn will be totally caught up from when we took out those huge bushes. 

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