Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Laundry Room Part 2

It's official--  the laundry room is now one of the nicest rooms in our house.

We've got big changes in the works, right now-- K will be starting her own contractor business, like... right now.  She'll have her license at the end of the week and already has a couple jobs lined up.  So that means we really, really need to get things in order here.  #1: She needs a GARAGE!  In order to do this well, she needs space for all her tools and stuff to be organized.  It's not just about our house rehab anymore.

For the last couple days, she worked on going through all her stuff that was stored in the basement and got rid of a lot of stuff, organized all the rest.  And yesterday she cleaned out and painted almost the entire laundry room!

New paint on the walls, new paint on the floor.  And she used some left over turquoise paint on our little storage room door and the shelves above the washer.  

For reference, here's what the room looked like before:



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